uring the Spring of 2015, Cullen Connolly, a 17 year old youth and his family moved to San Tan Valley, Arizona. Cullen was an vibrant and exciting youth who was not defined by his disability. Encouraged by his parents, although wheelchair-bound, Cullen pursued many interests one of which was to become the first youth member of the Pinal Gem and Mineral Society. The Society embraced Cullen and Cullen excitedly embraced the Society. He had a growing fascination with beautiful minerals from around the world provided by his mentor and teacher Dr. Ray Grant.

Tragically, Cullen was killed during the early summer of 2015 by a impaired driver on Hunt Highway in the San Tan Valley. A life taken much too soon. He is and will be missed for his warm personality and his love of life.

The Cullen Connolly Memorial Fund is a sponsor of the Museum.


To celebrate his short life one our our lapidary artisans, David Scott created an original sculpture of copper silicates from the Florence Copper Mine and an African royal star ruby from Sri Lanka, Africa. 

In addition, to the custom stone Dave wrote a memorial to Cullen called Angel Boy and dedicated it to his memory.-

Angel Boy
"A stone has no value until it is touched by man, and only beauty by the touch of God"
Dedicated to the memory of Cullen Connolly and all of God's children called home to share in the marvels of His creations.
A gift from David and Mary Scott June 16, 2015


A selection of Cullen's mineral collection is also displayed at the museum.


Thank you David and Mary Scott for this beautiful gesture and memorial to our son.  We are greeted each time we visit the museum by his smiling face, your beautiful piece, and memories made with the the kind  and welcoming people of the Pinal Gem & Mineral Society. -Lisa & Jeff Connolly

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