Volunteers are always welcome and needed at the Museum.

There are volunteer opportunities for people of all levels of knowledge and interest.

Do you have a special skill you'd like to share? Do you like to share your knowledge? Do you want to learn more about rocks, minerals, fossils, or any aspect of geology?

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We could use volunteers in the following areas:

  • Docents - Spend time greeting and interacting with visitors to the museum, making simple sales from our gift shop, and helping kids with the fossil dig, and treasure hunt inside the museum. Training is provided. We ask a commitment of One, 4 hour shift each month September through May, currently limited to Fridays and Saturdays, but if you're available some other day, maybe we can accomidate you.
  • Exhibits - Want to thelp keep the exhibits up to date, in working order, and help with brainstorming new exhibits? We could use some carpentry, design, writing, art, and photography. We are especially interested in increasing out interactive exhibits. Have interest or skills in any of those areas? Let us know. This is an as-needed opportunity, and much of the "work" can be done at  home,
  • Website - NO WEB KNOWLEDGE NEEDED. Our website is expanding and more hands make lighter work. We could use writers, photographers, and artists to come up with ideas and content for the website. Anything Geology/Paleontology related will be considered, though we're focused on Arizona and Pinal County. You don't need to be able to put it online, just be able to produce the content. Our webasters can convert it to the appropriate formats and put it online. Contributions can be credited if you like. This is an ongoing and could be intermittent opportunity. It can be done from home.
  • Newsletter contributors - If you don't want it just on the web, why not write it up for the newsletter? Field trip reports, show reports, anything you think you'd like to see in the newslteter, we might want it there too. This is an ongoing and could be intermittent opportunity. It can be done from home. Want to be an editor? Talk to Ray Grant.
  • Educators - Do you like to share your hobby and interest? We could use a roster of program speakers for schools, community meetings, special events, and meetings. If you have a speical knowledge of one aspect of the hobby or science, that's just dandy. Love kids and want to talk to schools? Only want to work with adults? Have a geology craft idea you want ot take on outreach? Want to lead school or other tours at the Museum? We could use people to do all those things. We can provide help getting a program together, and help with graphics, writing, and photography. This is an ongoing and inttermittent opportunity, which may involve travel to schools at your own expense. Museum tours would be at the Museum.
  • Video - Want to do the education stuff but don't want to do it "live"? We can put you on video. If you have video making experience and equipement, even better! This is an ongoing and intermittent opportunity, sometimes at the Museum, sometimes not.
  • Collections - Our cataloging and collections work has mostly been done during the summer while the museum is closed, but we could expand that work to make sure we know what we have, what we don't have, and the state of all our stuff. Various duties include organizing, cataloging, identifying, and conserving the mineral, fossil, rock, library, and other collections. This is an ongoing and could be intermittent opportunity, but must be done at the Museum. One volunteer need not be able to do everything!
  • Others too!


If any of those sound interesting, or if you have some other idea, please Contact Us.

Volunteers need to be members of the Pinal Gem and Mineral Society.

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