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September 1 – start of winter hours, Wednesday – Saturday, 11am-4pm

September 14-17 – Collects Rocks Week! Kids can visit the Museum and collect a rock or two

September 17 – Make a Rock Collection class with Tony O, 10-11am, kids 8-12

September 21 – Meeting, Presentation by Susan Leib, Alfie Norville Museum Collection

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October 8 – Rock Art Day, Stop by the Museum and creat some rock art

October 12-15 - National Fossil Week, come visit our fossils

October 15 – National Fossil Day Celebration – crafts and more

October 19 – Meeting, Presentations by David T., on Tucson Mountain Geology; Bob Hole, on Arizona Geology Places


November 12 – Full STEAM Ahead! A celebration of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

November 16 – Meeting, Presentation by Mesa Community College Speaker TBA

November 24 – Thanksgiving, Museum Closed


December 10 – International Mountain Day Celebration – special activities and crafts about mountains and volcanoes

December 21 – Meeting, Presentation by  Robert McCord, Curator of Paleontology, AZ Museum of Natural History

December 25 – Christmas, Museum closed

December 31 – New Years Eve, Museum closed


January 1 – New Years Day, Museum closed


For The Kids

Learn and play. Exhibits to engage, teach and inspire

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Identification resources and knowledgeable friends

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Earth science teaching resources & hands-on experiences.

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A chance to experience the wonders of this earth.

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Something For Everyone

The Pinal Geology And Mineral Museum has something for everyone.  Whether you are a casual rockhound, or a seasoned veteran in earth science knowledge, the PGMM will have something to grab your attention......

  • Children's activities that foster interest in earth science.
  • Fossils from all over the world.
  • Gems and minerals.
  • Classes, talks and workshops.
  • Organized field trips.