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Trillion Cut

The Trillion Cut, also known as the Trilliant Cut or Triangle Cut, is a striking and distinctive gem cut that features a triangular shape with pointed corners. This cut is known for its brilliance and ability to create eye-catching jewelry pieces. Here’s a detailed description:

The Trillion Cut is characterized by its triangular shape with three equal or near-equal sides and pointed corners. It is a cut that maximizes brilliance and fire, making it a popular choice for accent stones, solitaires, and unique jewelry designs.

Key Features

1. Shape: The Trillion Cut features a triangular outline with three sides of equal or near-equal length. Achieving symmetry in the cut is important for a balanced appearance.

2. Facets: The crown of the Trillion Cut includes a table (top surface), triangular facets, and pavilion facets that complement those on the crown. These facets create brilliance and sparkle within the gem.

3. Crown: The crown of the Trillion Cut includes a table and triangular facets that converge toward the pointed corner. These facets capture and reflect light, enhancing the gem’s brilliance.

4. Pavilion: The pavilion of the Trillion Cut features facets that mirror those on the crown. These facets contribute to the gem’s play of light.

5. Girdle: The girdle is the outer edge of the gemstone, separating the crown from the pavilion. It can be polished, faceted, or left unpolished, contributing to the overall appearance of the gem.


* The Trillion Cut’s unique triangular shape makes it stand out and create an eye-catching focal point in jewelry designs.

* Its brilliant faceting pattern maximizes light reflection, resulting in remarkable sparkle.

* The cut’s versatility allows it to be used as a centerpiece stone or as accent stones to complement other gemstone cuts.


* Achieving perfect symmetry in the Trillion Cut is important for an appealing appearance, and the pointed corners require careful consideration when setting the gem. * The cut’s large facets can emphasize a gem’s body color, so selecting a gem with a desirable color grade is important.