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Princess Cut

The Princess Cut is a distinctive gem cut known for its modern and angular appearance. It is a popular choice, especially for diamond engagement rings. Here’s a detailed description:

The Princess Cut is a square or rectangular gemstone cut with pointed corners, characterized by a brilliant faceting pattern that optimizes the stone’s sparkle and fire. It is a relatively recent cut, having gained popularity in the 1980s.

Key Features

1. Shape: The Princess Cut is typically square or rectangular, with the corners either perfectly square or slightly cropped. The corners can vary from sharp to slightly rounded.

2. Facets: This cut features a series of chevron or kite-shaped facets on the crown and pavilion. The facets on the crown resemble those of a Round Brilliant Cut, while those on the pavilion are step-cut, similar to those in an Emerald Cut.

3. Crown: The crown of the Princess Cut includes the table (the flat top surface) and a series of bezel facets surrounding it. These facets are designed to capture and reflect light.

4. Pavilion: The pavilion of the Princess Cut includes step-cut facets that create a series of concentric rectangles, enhancing the gem’s depth and brilliance.

5. Girdle: The girdle is the outer edge of the gemstone, separating the crown from the pavilion. It can be faceted or polished, contributing to the overall appearance of the gem.

6. Culet: The culet is the facet at the bottom of the gem’s pavilion. In modern Princess Cut gems, the culet is often small or absent, similar to the Round Brilliant Cut.


* The Princess Cut combines the elegance of a square or rectangular shape with the brilliance of a modern faceting pattern.

* It offers a contemporary alternative to traditional round cuts and showcases a unique and angular appearance.

* This cut can create the illusion of a larger gemstone compared to other cuts with similar carat weight.


* The pointed corners of the Princess Cut can be susceptible to chipping, so it’s important to choose a setting that offers protection. * The cut’s popularity means it’s widely available, but it may also be prone to imitation or low-quality cuts.