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Heart Cut

The Heart Cut is a romantic and distinctive gem cut that embodies love and affection. This cut is instantly recognizable due to its heart shape, making it a popular choice for sentimental jewelry pieces. Here’s a detailed description:

The Heart Cut is characterized by its unmistakable heart shape with a cleft at the top. It is a symbol of love and sentimentality and is often used in engagement rings, pendants, and other jewelry items to express affection.

Key Features

1. Shape: The Heart Cut features a symmetrical heart shape with a cleft at the top. Achieving perfect symmetry is important for a balanced appearance.

2. Facets: The crown of the Heart Cut includes a table (top surface), a series of triangular and kite-shaped facets, and a pavilion with corresponding facets. These facets create brilliance and sparkle within the gem.

3. Crown: The crown of the Heart Cut includes a table, bezel facets, and the two halves of the heart’s curves. These facets capture and reflect light, enhancing the gem’s brilliance.

4. Pavilion: The pavilion of the Heart Cut features facets that mirror those on the crown. These facets contribute to the gem’s play of light.

5. Girdle: The girdle is the outer edge of the gemstone, separating the crown from the pavilion. It can be polished, faceted, or left unpolished, contributing to the overall appearance of the gem.


* The Heart Cut’s symbol of love and affection makes it a sentimental choice for special occasions, such as engagements, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day.

* Its distinctive shape stands out and makes a statement, especially when set in jewelry.

* The cut’s facets create a lively play of light and sparkle.


* Achieving a balanced and symmetrical Heart Cut can be challenging, and the shape’s points and curves require careful consideration when setting the gem. * The cleft at the top can be vulnerable to chipping, so selecting an appropriate setting is important.