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Emerald Cut

The Emerald Cut is a classic and elegant gem cut known for its step-like facets and understated beauty. This cut is often associated with emeralds, but it’s also used for other gemstones, particularly diamonds. Here’s a detailed description of this cut:

The Emerald Cut is a rectangular or square-shaped gemstone cut with cropped corners and step-cut facets. It is characterized by its linear and symmetrical appearance, which highlights the gem’s clarity and color. The cut is named after the traditional shape used for emeralds, but it is also commonly used for diamonds.

Key Features

1. Shape: The Emerald Cut is characterized by its rectangular or square shape, with trimmed corners that resemble stair steps. The corners can be gently rounded or cut more sharply, depending on the specific design.

2. Facets: Unlike the brilliant faceting pattern seen in cuts like the Round Brilliant, the Emerald Cut features long, narrow step-cut facets that run parallel to the gem’s girdle. These facets create a hall-of-mirrors effect, emphasizing the gem’s internal clarity and color.

3. Crown: The crown of the Emerald Cut includes a flat table (top surface) and several step-cut facets. These facets are known for their linear arrangement, which gives the gemstone a reflective, mirror-like quality.

4. Pavilion: The pavilion of the Emerald Cut also features step-cut facets that mirror those on the crown. These facets create a sense of depth within the gem, showcasing its internal characteristics.

5. Girdle: The girdle is the outer edge of the gemstone, separating the crown from the pavilion. It can be polished, faceted, or left unpolished, contributing to the overall appearance of the gem.


* The step-cut facets of the Emerald Cut highlight the gem’s clarity and color, making it an excellent choice for showcasing high-quality gemstones.

* Its clean lines and geometric symmetry give it a timeless and sophisticated appearance.

* The cut is versatile and can work well with a variety of gemstones, including diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires.


* The step-cut facets emphasize transparency and color, which means that inclusions may be more visible than in other cuts. * The Emerald Cut’s understated elegance might not appeal to those seeking maximum sparkle and brilliance.