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Cabochon Cut

The Cabochon Cut is a timeless and classic gemstone cut known for its smooth, rounded, and polished surface. Unlike many other cuts, the Cabochon does not have facets but features a gently curved top, making it an elegant choice for certain gemstones. Here’s a detailed description:

The Cabochon Cut is characterized by its smoothly rounded, polished surface with a flat base. It is a non-faceted cut that showcases the gemstone’s color, texture, and optical phenomena, such as chatoyancy (cat’s eye effect) and adularescence (moonstone’s sheen).

Key Features

1. Shape: The Cabochon Cut can feature various shapes, including round, oval, pear, and more. It is characterized by its smooth and gently curved top.

2. Surface: Unlike faceted cuts, the Cabochon features a smooth, polished surface without facets. This allows the gem’s natural qualities, such as color and chatoyancy, to take center stage.

3. Appearance: The Cabochon’s smooth surface allows the gem to display optical effects, such as the play of light in moonstones or the shimmering band of light in cat’s eye gemstones.


* The Cabochon Cut highlights the gemstone’s natural color and optical phenomena, making it an excellent choice for stones with unique characteristics.

* It offers a classic and elegant appearance that can complement a range of jewelry styles.


* The absence of facets means that the Cabochon Cut does not display the brilliance and sparkle seen in faceted cuts. * The smooth surface of the Cabochon can be more susceptible to scratches and wear compared to faceted cuts.