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Baguette Cut

The Baguette Cut is a sleek and elegant gem cut known for its rectangular shape and step-like facets. This cut is often used as accent stones to complement other center stones or to create a minimalist and sophisticated look. Here’s a detailed description:

The Baguette Cut is characterized by its long, rectangular shape with straight sides and step-cut facets. This cut is named after the French breadstick “baguette,” which it resembles in its elongated shape.

Key Features

1. Shape: The Baguette Cut features a rectangular shape with straight sides and sharp, unrounded corners. The length-to-width ratio can vary, resulting in slight variations in appearance.

2. Facets: The Baguette Cut’s crown and pavilion contain step-cut facets that run parallel to the gem’s length. These facets create a mirror-like appearance and emphasize the gem’s clarity and color.

3. Crown: The crown of the Baguette Cut includes a table (top surface) and a series of step-cut facets. These facets capture and reflect light, contributing to the gem’s brilliance.

4. Pavilion: The pavilion of the Baguette Cut also contains step-cut facets that mirror those on the crown. These facets interact with light to create a play of light and dark areas.

5. Girdle: The girdle is the outer edge of the gemstone, separating the crown from the pavilion. It can be polished, faceted, or left unpolished, contributing to the overall appearance of the gem.


* The Baguette Cut’s sleek and minimalist appearance makes it a popular choice for accent stones in jewelry, where it can complement other gemstone cuts.

* Its step-like facets highlight a gem’s clarity and color, making it an excellent choice for showcasing high-quality stones.


* Due to its step-cut facets, the Baguette Cut may not exhibit as much sparkle as other brilliant cuts. * The elongated shape can emphasize a gem’s body color, so choosing a gem with a desirable color grade is important.