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Occurs in Pinal County.

Chemical Formula: (K,Na)Cu7AlSi9O24(OH)6·3H2O

Specific Gravity: 2.5-3

Luster: Vitreous to pearly

Hardness: 3.5-4

Ajoite is a rare blue-green mineral that is often found as inclusions within quartz crystals. It is known for its beautiful color and is named after the Ajo region in Arizona.

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MinDat Ajoite

Ajoite belongs to the silicate class of minerals. Its chemical composition is typically hydrated sodium potassium copper aluminum silicate hydroxide. Ajoite is often found as a secondary mineral in oxidized copper deposits, usually occurring as tiny, bluish-green crystals or inclusions within other minerals, such as quartz.

This mineral was first discovered in the Ajo District of Pima County, Arizona, USA, from which it derives its name. Ajoite has also been found in other locations around the world, including the Messina Mine in South Africa and the New Cornelia Mine in Arizona.

Ajoite’s distinctive blue-green color and delicate crystal formations make it a sought-after collector’s mineral. It is notable for its association with other minerals such as quartz and papagoite, which can enhance its aesthetic value. Due to its rarity and the unique environments in which it is found, ajoite holds significance in both geological and mineralogical studies.