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About the Society & Museum

The Pinal Gem and Mineral Society and the Pinal Geology and Mineral Museum

We are located in Coolidge, Pinal County, in south-central Arizona, about 45 minutes south-east of Phoenix.

Arizona has a unique and fantastic geologic history. We help to tell that history through the rocks, gems, and fossils from all over the state.

As the only science museum in Pinal County, we bring the rich geologic history and the story of the earth in Arizona to life.

The museum was created and is maintained by the Pinal Gem and Mineral Society under the guidance of geologist Dr. Ray Grant. The museum tells the story of the Earth, focusing on Pinal County and Arizona but with a worldwide scope. We have displays and activities relating to geology, paleontology, and mineralogy.

The Pinal Gem and Mineral Society held our first meeting at the museum’s current location on December 3, 2014. W chose the location for the meetings because there was a lapidary shop and lapidary school being started at the then Artisan Village. The lapidary shop was available for club members making this a good location. The shop and school are now closed, and the City of Coolidge has taken over the building, but we’re still happy to be in the same location.

Society Membership is open to anyone. Much of our membership lives in the Coolidge, Florence, and the surrounding areas of Pinal County, but we have members around the world. Many of our members are part-time residents in Arizona but participate fully during their time in the state. The club has met monthly since 2014 from September to May. We have over 300 active subscribers to our monthly newsletter.

Museum organization began in April 2015. The Flagg Mineral Foundation assisted with some start-up funds, cases, and minerals. David Scott loaned us the Wicklund collection. Hard work by Pinal Gem and Mineral Society members allowed us to first open the museum to the public on a limited basis in June 2015.,

Since then we’ve continued to grow and expand. We have improved and updated displays with new material, and feature paleontology as well – including our young Allosaurus and Dilophosaurus models.

During the pandemic, we continued our monthly meetings and presentations online. We resumed in-person meetings in September 2022. Meetings are held from September through May on the third Wednesday, at 7 pm, at the museum.

Starting in 2022 we opened the museum with weekly hours year-round and continue growing and updating our exhibits both in-person and online, including activities for kids.

We are a proud member of the Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies and the Pinal County Museums

Dr. Raymond W. Grant, retired professor of geology, Founder and Curator of the Pinal Geology and Mineral Museum, Founder and President of the Pinal Gem & Mineral Society, Life Member and Past President of the Mineralogical Society of Arizona, Past Chairman of the Flagg Mineral Foundation, mineralogist, author of Mineralogy of Arizona (1995, 2022) and mineral collector.